21Million is a unique token backed by multiple cryptocurrencies and equipped with an innovative hybrid burning mechanism.

Dive into the future of digital finance with 21Million, a groundbreaking token launched on BNB Smart Chain.

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Litecoin Layer
BNB Layer
21Million Layer
Bitcoin Layer
Ethereum Layer

What makes $21M so unique?

Community Portfolio

Community Portfolio

The Community Portfolio hedges the $21M token with a 1:1 ratio of its assets, strengthening the $21M price over the long term.

Proof of Funds

Proof of Funds

All wallets from the Community Portfolio are publicly viewable on the blockchain and are securely stored on hardware or MultiSig wallets.

$21M Exchange

Portfolio Swap

After a successful build-up phase of the Portfolio, there is an option for each $21M holder to swap $21M for various cryptocurrencies from the Portfolio.

Hyper deflationary burning

Hybrid Burning Mechanism

All tokens swapped on the Portfolio Swap will be completely burned, and therefore permanently removed from the market.

Buyback & Burn

Buyback & Burn

In addition to the unique Burning Mechanism, 1% of the trading volume goes into the Buyback & Burn program each month.

Low Supply

Low Supply

With the low supply of 21,000,000 tokens and the fast moving burn, the number of $21M in circulation will rapidly reduce.


Max. Supply
4% / 4%
Buy / Sell Tax
$21M Token Distribution

Locked for 1 year


Vested 5%/month


Locked for 1 year

Our Current Stats

20,687,195 21M

Total Supply

14,912,195 21M

Circulating Supply

312,805 21M

Token Burned

$ 0,03690

21M Price

$ 550,309

Market Cap


Phase 1


Website & Token Development

Social Media


Listing on PancakeSwap

Community Portfolio Launch

CoinGecko Listing

First Buybacks & Burns

$50,000 Community Portfolio

500 $21M Holder

Phase 2

$21M Reward Bot

Marketing Campaigns

$21M Wallet Analyzer

$21M Trading Bot

CoinMarketCap Listing


Voting dApp

$21M Portfolio Swap

$250,000 Community Portfolio

2,500 $21M Holder

Phase 3


T1 CEX Listing

Increase of Marketing

$1,000,000 Community Portfolio

10,000 $21M Holder

More coming soon!

Pattern Pattern Pattern


$21M can be traded on PancakeSwap.

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a self-governing community based on blockchain technology and governed by smart contracts. Decisions are generated by democratic votes of the members and are transparent and permanently visible on the blockchain.

As a DAO member, you have voting rights and can actively participate in investment decisions. You are entitled to submit proposals, which can be voted on in due course after technical review and depending on the market situation. You will get a complete insight into the decision-making process of 21Million investment projects. As a member, enjoy the benefits and security of smart contract-based rules and operations. You can view all activities and transactions of a DAO transparently and permanently on the blockchain.

Any token holder can be part of 21Million DAO, once you hold 21Million tokens worth at least $200 in your wallet, you are eligible to participate in voting.

Hybrid Burning is an innovative and unique way to strongly drive the shortage of supply of 21Million tokens.

In addition to traditional burning, which is integrated via buying and selling fees, 21Million also gives you the option to burn tokens independently.

How it works:
Every 21Million token that you exchange directly via 21Million's portfolio swap for a cryptocurrency of your choice from the community portfolio is burned at 100%.

The community portfolio contains cryptocurrencies that cover the value of $21M additional. In Phase 1, the following cryptocurrencies will be deposited as collateral for investors: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, ADA, XRP, MATIC, and BNB.

Each purchase and sale of 21Million tokens incurs transaction fees, which are used proportionately to continuously grow the community portfolio and increase the existing cover ratio.

The community portfolio of 21Million represents the basis of the liquidity pool for the portfolio swap.

With the 21Million portfolio swap, you can exchange 21Million tokens for a cryptocurrency from the 21Million community portfolio at current exchange rates at any time and without a prior KYC procedure.

Your 21Million tokens will be automatically sent after the presale. Please enter your wallet address promptly, but no later than 06.01.2024, so that your payout can be taken into account. You can set your withdrawal address in the settings. Please make sure that the wallet (e.g. MetaMask or TrustWallet) is a BEP20 (BSC) compatible wallet.

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